Who We Are

Below you can click the picture or the name that links to the biographies of the members of our team. In addition to bringing substantive expertise, we work tirelessly to deliver and implement our investment management and financial planning advice to our clients in a timely and efficient manner. Our relationship with our clients is a 'partnership'. We work in harmony with their other trusted advisors ~ legal, tax and other key professionals ~ to ensure a seamless and unified approach to wealth management.   


Michelle Lenzmeier Keates
First Vice President / Wealth Management
Accredited Wealth Management Advisorsm
Chartered Retirement Planning Counselorsm

Retirement Income Specialist
(tel): 609.601.2508


We are also supported by a team of wealth management professionals and investment strategists working out of Janney's corporate headquarters in Philadelphia, PA. Their exceptional depth and breadth of experience in the areas of comprehensive financial planning, portfolio management, and asset protection, allow for the level of highly specialized financial management you expect. Please click here to view more detail.


Mark Luschini
Chief Investment Strategist,
Managing Director,
Janney Capital Management
Guy LeBas
Chief Fixed Income Strategist

Greg Drahuschak
Market Strategist


Debra Roey
Retirement Plan Services

Kim (Termine) Beil
Vice President,
Director of Managed and Insured Solutions 

Michael Repak
Vice President,
Senior Estate Planner